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    Product Details

    Power supply manufacturer product details
    Model: cydz-xmusb
    Applicable product of power supply manufacturer: Monitor
    Input voltage range: 100-240V AC
    Output voltage: 5V
    OEM of power supply manufacturer: can be OEM
    Features of power supply manufacturer's products
    1. The power supply manufacturer's products have good safety performance and high reliability, and they are produced in accordance with the standards and procedures applied for safety certification.
    2. Ultra low no-load and standby energy loss, in line with national energy-saving standards.
    3. Good anti-interference performance, built-in anti electromagnetic interference filter.
    4. The power supply manufacturer has a wide range of input voltage, all of which are 100-240V, in line with the global standard.
    5. The insulation performance of the primary stage is good, and the high frequency transformer is 100% vacuum impregnated.
    6. Full load high temperature burning, 100% aging test.
    7. The products of power supply manufacturer have the functions of constant voltage, constant current, turn lamp and short circuit protection (can be automatically recovered).
    8. All materials do not contain (and do not exceed the limits) the six toxic substances (cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, PBB and PBDE) restricted in Europe.

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