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    Solution to the heating of mobile phone charger


    Solution to the heating of mobile phone charger
    Mobile phone, which is used by many people, can be said to be a human hand, then there is no lack of mobile phone charger. Mobile phone charger may encounter heating when using, so, what is the solution of mobile phone charger heating?
    1. It's better not to use the fake charger. There are many electronic components in the charger. The principle is to convert 220 V AC to about 5 V DC through the rectifier bridge, and then charge the mobile phone through the data line. In this process, if the 220 V AC input breaks through the rectifier bridge and switch tube, and the short-circuit protection and insulation of the charger itself fail, the charger may directly output 220 V AC to the data line and mobile phone, causing an accident.
    2. Use in cool environment. If the mobile phone charger overheats, put it in a cool environment, such as an air-conditioned room, so the phone charger will not be too hot.
    3. If you do not use the mobile phone when charging, if you play with the mobile phone while charging, it may lead to overheating of the mobile phone charger, because the working time of the charger under normal conditions is longer than that under normal conditions, which is not conducive to the charger, but also reduces the service life of the charger.
    The above is about the solution of mobile phone charger fever, share here, want to know more about charger can dial Chenyang electronic online customer service hotline to understand.

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